On Friday Estimate

Tonight – staying in with the boyfriend and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Have stuff to make tacos and margaritas so let’s make it a party! … Though it totally does not fit with the Russian theme … Anyway, hope to spend no money tonight. Saturday – running a 5K in the morning with some friends ($50 because I’m paying for the boyfriend because I feel bad about totally dragging his poor butt to this thing. But! We get a beer with our entry, so). I’ll also need to run an additional 6 miles sometime that morning because I’m training for the NYC Half (eee! So excite!). After all of that I’ll probbbbably want a lovely Saturday afternoon couch-nap. Later that night I’m going to see “Her” with some friends (freeee because I’ve still got some Fandango passes from Christmas) and I think we’ll maybe get some drinks afterward? ($25) Sunday – boyfriend and I this week had a weird urge to go to church and we’re following through with it. So. Maybe we’ll get brunch afterward ($25 each). And then I’ll want to go grocery shopping and do some cooking for the week ($75). So, hmph. $175.

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On Friday Estimate

OK, I just have to say first - I love Mike dang so much that the thought of his happy weekend friend getaway makes me smile. Have fun, Mike! You deserve it! I haven't done one of these in a while, but it's time to get serious again. I'm going out with a friend after work for happy hour - she's also on a budget, so we'll just get one $7 cocktail each and savor it. Then we're going to Chip Shop in Brooklyn. I just looked at the menu, and I think I'll get the Welsh rarebit + salad ($9) and we'll have to split a few of those deep-fried candy bar things ($3ish). I would hope that doesn't cost more than $20. I may get a beer and I may not. So that's $40 for tonight. Tomorrow, I'm going to an information session at the graduate school I'm applying to - eeeeeeep. But that's free. Then I'm going to yoga but that's "free" in that I already paid for a month-long unlimited membership. I really, really could use a night in - painting my motherflipping nails and drinking wine and catching up on "Scandal" LIKE A LADY. I have half a bottle of wine I could finish and I think I'll hit the grocery store for the week ahead ($50) and eat food I buy there. Sunday - no plans. I'd like to go on a run in the morning and hit another yoga class in the afternoon, and then I'd like to clean the house. Basically: It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I am looking forward to a chill weekend. Would be nice to keep this weekend around $100.

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On Fox News on the Affordable Care Act, Two Ways

I think you mean the Affordable Care Act.

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On Would You Ever Quit Your Job With a Youtube Video? Y/N

I'M MAD AS HELL ETC (not at you guys, never at you guys! just, maybe is this the movie you're thinking of?) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMBZDwf9dok

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On Monday Check-in

WELL. Friday I spent nothing because instead of going out we stayed home and watched "New Girl." Saturday we went to the zoo! It was amazing! I spent $10 on snacks and later $35 for my share of dinner. Sunday I spent $10 on breakfast and then $10 on lunch and then $115 at the grocery store -- wayyyy too much money so now I must eat ALL MEALS AT HOME this week as penance. So $180. About average. I should get that average down. :/

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On Monday Check-in

My estimate was $125 but I blew past it. But that's OK. I'm happy with what I got done! Friday night I went to dinner with a friend from work and spent about $25. Saturday morning I bought myself some breakfast ($10) and went for a run, then bought blue PAINT and painting supplies ($75) and painted my living room! Well, one wall, anyway, but I love it so much I'm tempted to do the whole thing. I ate dinner at home but bought myself a bottle of wine ($15) to see myself through the painting. Painting kind of took FOREVER and I stayed up until 3 a.m.! So I slept wayyy in on Sunday and ordered breakfast on Seamless ($10). I did a second coat and then cleaned up and reorganized my whole living room, then went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a couple things - a CROCK POT for one which I am so psyched for - ($75), then to bodega for some breakfast stuff for the week ($20) and then dinner again from Seamless because I was still cleaning and felt sorry for myself ($12). So, $232. I'll keep it cheap this week by chilling in my new BLUE LIVING ROOM and eating food from my new crock pot. :) (Speaking of - anyone got any slow cooker recipes they love? Hit me!)

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On How to Maintain Your Youthful Glow for Cheap


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On Friday Estimate

Oh Mike Dang! I agree with the too-old-to-stay-out-late thing. I stayed out until 11 p.m. last night and this morning I feel exactly the way I used to feel when I was 22 and would stay out until 2 a.m. on a weeknight! It happened kind of gradually, I think, but all of a sudden, I really prefer to get mah sleep! Anyway. Tonight will be fun – I’m going to happy hour with some girls from work. This is a big deal as I’ve just moved here to NYC and I have PLANS!! for a Friday night, with people I didn’t know until I moved here! New friends, guys, yeah! Anyhoo. I expect to spend around $30 for dinner and a drink. Then I’m heading to Union Hall in Park Slope to see one of my favorite ladysingers – the ticket was $12, and I’ll probably get a couple of beers ($15ish). I’ll use my prepaid MTA card to get there and back so no cab money. Saturday morning, I’m going to run 5 miles – it’s the first long run for the half marathon I am halfway considering doing (Philadelphia half on Nov. 17 – supposed to be FLAT which hooray). I’d also like to go to the farmer’s market (maybe $30ish?). I don’t really have any other solid plans, but I’d like to potentially ride my bike from my UES apartment to go see the Cloisters, because I read about it this week and they look really cool. Later that night I might try to meet up with New Friend from soccer team who is a Youth and will keep me out late ($20ish for drankz? I hope not more than that). Sunday I have no plans but football – I will probably bike to a fun Packers bar I found last weekend ($8 for a bloody mary, probably). God this is going to be a drink-y weekend accidentally. Expecting to spend around $125.

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On Why Are You Late?

@ThatJenn "Never be in a hurry" - I love that!

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On Monday Check-in

Oh dear oh dear OK. Friday we went to a Mets game and I got $80 out of the ATM and spent $60 of it. :/ Saturday the movers dropped off the rest of our stuff to our new apartment and it was stressful so I bought myself a coffee and a thing from Starbucks ($10) and then a slice of pizza later ($10). Sunday we got brunch with a friend ($25) and then I bought running clothes because I'm too fat for all my current stuff ($50) and then we went grocery shopping ($35). So, like, $200. UGH

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