On Can I Afford to Help People?

Please do some research on the Americorp before you join. It's such a fucked up organization that undermines the professionalism of teachers, undermines teacher pay, and isn't particularly good for the students either. If you want to be a teacher, become a teacher. If you need a line on your resume please find a way that doesn't undermine our already crumbling public education sector. The government shouldn't be paying people poverty wages to do professional service. http://jacobinmag.com/2011/12/teach-for-america/

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On I Made $570K Last Year, But I Don't Feel Rich (In Fact, I Feel Worried)

This is the sort of drivel we should expect when we live in a culture that equates wealth with happiness. He thinks money should make him happy and if he's not happy (ie living a life free of anxiety or worry) then he must not have enough money. Meh.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person (Household Income: $360,000)

@WaityKatie My student loan debt and my husband's student loan debt adds up to about four times our annual income--so yeah.

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On Don't Get a PhD, Says Person With PhD

@questingbeast: Because it's absolutely nothing like the way you describe it.

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On Working Your Way Through College

@WaityKatie THIS! I worked full time through my undergrad and it wasn't until graduate school that I realized how much I'd missed out on. University life should be about far more than just coursework. It's about developing interests, being involved in your community, developing leadership skills, developing contacts, and learning the in's and out's of a profession. This is one of the reason why first generation college attendees often end up in the exact same place that their parent's are--because we value "work" over involvement because we have to but it's not the recipe for getting ahead. It's so hard to life oneself up out of that working class mindset.

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On Carpet Is a Class Issue

@keaton Well there are CAR-pets and carpets. You know what I mean? blerg.

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On Carpet Is a Class Issue

Can we get a one-year, media blackout on all things related to New York. People in other places do interesting things. Being young and poor in NYC was a boring and cliched thing to do when Patty Smith was doing it. It's almost as bad as marrying at 20 and raising kids in the suburbs.

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On A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person

@JenH This sort of thinking just makes me want to slam my head in a car door. You make more than 85% of Americans and 99.9% of people in the world. That makes you rich. Rich does not mean never having to think about money.

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On 'We Ask That You Do Not Call Us Professor'

@littlesea: yeah, they leave out that no CC ever allows its adjuncts to work 4/4's.

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On Cheap Eats: Chocolate Peanut Butter Scones

I really don't understand the scone. They are always mega dry--even when you buy fancy ones in a London tea house. Just make a chocolate peanut butter cookie (or, even better, a brownie).

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