Oyster Pirate, Cruise Director: Match the Writer to the Wacky Day Job!

Some of these Famous Writers’ Wacky Day Jobs I knew, and others somehow I did not. Anyway, if you haven’t clicked on the link yet, let’s do a quiz! Match the famous writer with his or her source of income:

A) Kafka

B) Salinger

C) Vonnegut

D) Bram Stoker

E) Steinbeck

F) Orwell

G) Melville

H) Nabokov

I) Jack London

J) Jack Kerouac

K) Harper Lee

L) Robert Frost

M) James Joyce

N) John Galsworthy

O) Conan Doyle

P) Dickens

Q) Dostoyevsky

R) Agatha Christie

S) William S. Burroughs

T) Joseph Heller

1. Car Dealer

2. Theater Critic

3. Tour Guide

4. Cruise Director

5. Imperial Police Officer

6. Curator

7. Bank Clerk

8. Law Clerk

9. Ticket Agent

10. Dishwasher

11. Oyster Pirate

12. Cinema Operator

13. Blacksmith’s Apprentice

14. Barrister

15. Teacher

16. Surgeon

17. Engineer

18. Factory Worker

19. Exterminator

20. Apothecary’s Assistant

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Colbert Takes a Hachette to Amazon

Perhaps you’ve been following the Hachette Publishers vs. Amazon.com kerfuffle? Everyone from indie Brooklyn publishing houses to the Editorial Page of the New York Times has gone on record deploring the online behemoth’s slash-and-burn tactics. TL;DR: Amazon, which already controls about 50% of US book sales, wants even better terms from publishing houses, and is not above twisting arms to get its way. One guy who doesn’t like having his arm twisted? Hachette author Stephen Colbert. Who is, coincidentally, one comedian you don’t want to piss off.

Like John Oliver, Stephen Colbert took matters into his own hands, giving Amazon the finger (twice) on national TV last night, and then inviting on another Hachette author, the terrific Sherman Alexie, to commiserate. Together they promoted debut novelist Edan Lepucki’s California, because Hachette’s less-established writers are the real victims of this fight, telling audiences to show Amazon up by buying the book via Colbert Nation. Full clips below.

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