Which Movie or TV Character Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

Watching Julie Andrews made me want to be a talented singer and actor much more than it made me want to get a job as a nanny. My childhood daydreams were about getting discovered as an actor, not about getting discovered by my employer as a potential love interest.

Know Your Value, Get $10,000

Mika Brzezinski is an MSNBC news personality with the hair, BMI, and poise of Claire Underwood. Yet she relates to those of us who have struggled a bit with our confidence levels in the professional arena.

Working While Pregnant

An Interview With a Woman Who Started Her Career During the ‘Mad Men’ Era

K., a 67-year-old former marketing executive, worked at a women’s fashion company for 30 years before retiring two years ago. When I learned that K. wouldn’t watch Mad Men because it too perfectly captured the life of a woman working on Madison Avenue, I immediately wanted to hear more about her work history and background.

Women Working in India

Here’s a very interesting story from Forbes India taking a look at the reasons why Indian women leave the workforce.