Baby’s First Bequest: How Do You Spend Someone Else’s Money?

Plenty of men I’m close to have died, but I’ve never inherited money before.

Which Siblings Would You Like To Cut Out Of Your Parent’s Will?

No one who writes to an advice column asking, “Should I hire a lawyer and have both my mother’s and my grandparents’ wills revised?” is living a blameless and sunshiny life.

After I Go

Ester and I were talking about retirement yesterday, and she asked me if I had named any beneficiaries on my accounts.

How People Without Parents Do Money

Theoretically, it’s our parents who teach us about money, the technicalities of how to handle it, but also how we might feel about it as a concept and approach it through a moral lens. But what about when our parents die before they can teach us anything?

Making Wills & Taking Names

Ester: I have encouraged other people to make wills (and living wills)! That’s progress. We have also consulted a lawyer — i.e., had lunch with my husband Ben’s friend, who does Trusts & Estates — and gotten her advice, which is an important step. Possible Actually Making The Will will be my 1 Thing for next week!

Meaghan: I have googled, “How to make a will.” Does that count?

“Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?”: Estate Planning for Millenials

My Nana’s Will of Iron

Where there’s a will, there’s a way … to leave people off of it.