Regrettable Impulse Buys: Trader Joe’s Edition

Purchased items that may or may not exist at Trader Joe's.

You Can And You Will

Action shot. Mr Biscuit, mid-swat. What is he swatting at? Is it a thought bubble, his own, saying, “You can’t, you can’t” …. ? Or perhaps it’s coming from a foe, a mouse maybe, or a bit of string. “You can’t, you can’t.” Swipe that naysaying down, Mr. B! Get it out of here! There is no self hatred or hatred of others in these parts! No low self-esteem! You are Mr. Biscuit! You exist! You can and you will.

photo by william foster

In the Ground, in a Tree, in the Sea

The latest from Billfold cemetery correspondent William Foster.

Man Alone With Salad

Today's salad started like every other, with a bed of spinach. I hear that eating lots of raw broccoli might help stave off death for some brief period of time, so I put broccoli in there next. After the broccoli, I piled on various other things including bits of raw bell pepper, both red and orange.

Budget Super Bowl Snacks

Throwing a great Super Bowl party doesn't have to mean shelling out for expensive, brand-name snacks.

Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Mr. Biscuit. On the cusp of greatness, or at least of change. A new cabinet, a new life, just a jump away. But will he make the leap? Can he make the leap? He just needs a minute. It will just be a matter of moments. Let's just watch and see. Very soon, I'm sure. Allow him to gather his thoughts. Take a deep breath. He'll just save a little money first. Pay down a Visa or two. Then he'll jump. Just wait. It'll be great. You'll see.

Elegant Mundane Things

Today in cemetery news.

DIY Christmas Decorations

How to make your own tinsel, wrapping paper, mistletoe.

The Cupboard: Phoning It In Since 1972

I recently traveled to a small city somewhere near the boundary between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. If you want to meditate on the folly of nostalgia, there’s a restaurant you should try.


In the town of Andover, in the bowels of a stark IRS building, racks of blinking servers hum gently as they ingest packets of e-file data via ZMODEM protocol.