How Can I Better Invest This Money My Boyfriend and I Plan to Use for Our Wedding?

My boyfriend and I don't make much money, but we've managed to build a healthy cushion, don't have credit card debt and have reasonable plans for our student debt. So this really is just "fun money" that we can use for a wedding in the next year or two.

How Some Women Said Yes to the Dress

Yo girl, what'd your wedding dress cost?

Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

The plan was for me and two other friends to fly into New York City on Tuesday and stay with a friend in Brooklyn for two nights. Then on Thursday morning, all four of us would take a rental car up to Wolfeboro. Things didn't go as planned.

You May Have Found True Love But I’m Winning Wedding Season

Wedding season is expensive. I’m happy for all y’all’s love but this shit expensive.

H&M’s $99 Wedding Dress

H&M debuted a wedding dress with a shockingly reasonable price last week, and you know what? That kind of white looks awful on me [St. Patrick's Day shout out] but it is still pretty cute. I APPROVE.

We Thought We Didn’t Want to Have a Big Wedding, And Then We Started Planning

Most of the narratives I see about money and weddings are either deeply consumerist or, in reaction to the consumerism, focused on the virtue in frugality. Neither has a whole lot to do with my experience.

Tell Us About Your New Kind of Wedding Registry, Kathy Cheng

I took my disdain for wedding registries a step further and launched a wedding registry site to compete against all the greedy-retailer sites.

A Conversation with a Photographer Who Earns $50,000 a Year

Grant: I'm 28, live in Chicago, Ill. My fiancé and I just moved to a neighborhood called Logan Square last weekend. I am a photographer.

Possibly the Least You Can Spend on Getting Legally Married in Great Britain

My husband and I got married last July. We wore jeans to the registry office, and except for the three friends who were our witnesses, no one knew anything about it until it was over. For us, it was perfect. As a side effect, it was also ridiculously cheap.

Say Yes to Paying for the Dress

I would like an excuse to keep the $250 refund—maybe you could tell me that it's some sort of karmic reward for managing a long-distance relationship for years, while in grad school?—but probably what I really need is for someone to tell me that I'm being a dick.

Throwing Parties, Going to Parties, Spending Money on Parties

Logan: I feel like we talk about weddings all of the time always, but ha, I would like to talk about them some more.

The Discounted Honeymoon

At The Week Lauren Hansen regales readers with the story about how she and her husband got married and, a wanting to save money, decided to put together a discounted honeymoon\ in New York City using daily deal sites like Groupon, Gilt, Google Offers, and others. On the agenda: a stay at a nice hotel, spa time, some nice meals, and a Broadway show.