Money in Your 40s

Last month, Jonnelle Marte talked about money in our 30s. Now she does it for the 40-somethings.

Money in Your 30s

In the Washington Post, Jonnelle Marte writes about our money worries in our 30s, and some goals to try reaching.

American Wedding Guests Spend $673 Per Wedding, Unbelievably

Also, cash is still the most desirable wedding present.

Is Disney Still an Affordable Vacation?

It’s not that Disney at its base level is unaffordable to the middle class—although I am well aware that $400 for a family of four is right on the edge of “affordable”—it’s that there’s so much extra stuff that you feel like you’re missing out.

How the Rich Respond in Drought Conditions

Let’s say there was a shortage of some particularly essential natural resource. If someone used their personal wealth to hoard that resource for non-essential purposes, keeping it from people who needed it for life and health reasons, that would be… well, dystopian, right?

When Your Paycheck Is What Keeps You From Achieving Your Goals

The people Hull profiles want to get better jobs, or better-paying jobs, but they also want to do their Hardee’s jobs well. They have plans and goals for their lives, like having a wedding by a lake or saving enough money to move to a city that might have more job opportunities. The thing that consistently gets in the way is Hardee’s low wages. That is the mitigating factor on their dreams.

Dessert Economics

Growing up, my family rarely went out to dinner due to financial constraints, and if we did for a special occasion, we never ordered dessert. My father believed desserts were a waste of money, and my mother didn’t have much of a sweet tooth.

How to Make Sure You Do Not Lose Your Job to a Robot

The WaPo writes that ethics are going to be in high demand, and that robots might not have the ethics we need to solve the complicated problems of the future, like “should we program robots to make unethical decisions so that we can maintain superiority over them and keep our jobs.”

Transitional Furniture

Raise your hand if you’ve ever owned a Lack coffee table from Ikea. Keep your hand raised if your Lack coffee table was passed on to you from a friend, or found on the street, or bought for $10 on Craigslist, where you are bound to find pages and pages of Lack coffee tables for sale.

Pros and Cons of “The Uber for Housecleaning”

Lydia DePillis at the Washington Post wrote about the new “Uber for home cleaning” companies like the one I used this week. This one focuses on Homejoy, and smartly discusses a lot of the pros and cons.