Finding Satisfaction From Your Job

About five years ago, I was considering making a major career shift. I’d been working at a job I liked for several years, but the industry I was in did not excite me the way my volunteer work in animal rescue did. I’ve loved animals since I was a kid; the volunteer work filled me with a sense of purpose, and seeing the immediate outcome of my work (deserving animals going to good homes) made me feel deeply satisfied. It seemed obvious I should try to get paid to do it. I began looking for jobs at shelters and humane societies, but the more I applied and interviewed—even to the point of being offered a job—the less enthusiastic I became about making the change. I’d wanted this forever. Why was I hesitating?

My Visit to a Life Coach

Leda was feeling stuck at her job, so she decided to go see a life coach. The experienced surprised her.

Bad Things Are Happening to People Who Aren’t Us, So Why Are We So Distracted

Logan: Mike, I'm pretty disappointed in my reaction to this storm, considering that Nothing Bad Happened to Me at All, but I've basically just been pretty much useless since Sunday. Today I had to scramble to find internet after mine went out, but once I found a place, I just ... cannot do anything.

Unpaid Labor, On Purpose: Why We Volunteer

Why do people volunteer?

Friday Estimate

Folks, it's been quite a week, and it's time to estimate our weekends.