Closing Time At Amsterdam’s Betty Boop Coffee Shop And Internet Cafe

I was alone in the now ominously silent Betty Boop Coffee Shop and Internet Café with Helga the Viking to answer to, mobsters waiting in the wings, and no way to pay my tab.

Why I Don’t Regret Getting Scammed In China

I knew the journey was out of reach for the typical Chinese citizen, but I didn’t know how indulgent it was until I found myself checking into a five-star hotel in the city of Guilin.

Traveling For Free In Tajikistan

I was a student on a fellowship, most of which had gone towards a plane ticket. I was used to thinking of myself, in America, as lower-income. But I had never experienced real material deprivation in the way of many of the people who fed and housed me.

Budget Travel: When Anxiety Clashes With Frugality

I often have a hard time rectifying my anxiety with my frugality.

The Cost Of Things: Missing Your Night-Bus In Peru

Departure tax: S/.2 each, because Arequipa will not let you leave without a fight

Outside’s $1 Tipping Rule

How do know what the tipping rules are when you’re in another country?