Why Don’t I Give Money to Poor People?

Everywhere it's different but the same. In San Francisco it's the guy who could visit his sick sister in Portland if he could just get 10 bucks for the bus fare. In Paris it's children with their arms out. Why do we give or don't give?

WWYD: A Flight Voucher for a Different Delay

You're given a travel voucher and a letter of apology for a flight that you weren't on.

WWYD: The Wrong Credit Card Number

You learn that a travel agency used someone else's credit card number to pay for your trip. What would you do?

The Extended Trip

Logan Sachon: Hey Mike, have you ever kept extending a weekend trip so that it lasted two weeks?

Austin, On Less Than $20 a Day

A man goes to SXSW and tries to spend less than $20 a day.

The Future of Renting Your Room for the Short-Term

I like the service Airbnb is trying to provide. Is it contributing to higher rental prices in cities like San Francisco and New York and pricing out locals? Unclear. Does it provide an unsafe environment for neighbors concerned with strangers coming into buildings—another maybe, and Craiglist has already filled that role for some time now. We'll have to see what happens to Warren, and what the lobbyists end up accomplishing.

All Airlines Will Be Equally Terrible Someday

Branson intends to keep his majority stake in Virgin Atlantic, but I'm waiting for the day when every airline is equally terrible and every airport has a room specifically where people go to cry.

An Airport Mixup and a Text from Mom Helped Me Ask for What I Wanted

The agent came up to me and apologized for the mistake, saying she’d see if she could give me more benefits for the inconvenience. My mom told me to ask for more money on my travel voucher, but I wasn’t quite comfortable doing that.

The Pre-Departure Costs of Travelling By Cargo Ship (A Note to Self)

The cost of travel via cargo ship.

The Simple Solution to a Last Minute Passport Snafu ($$$)

Last minute passport debacle.

Travel the World By Not Paying Rent

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the majority of my twenties traveling across five continents and temporarily living in some of the most exciting cities on earth: London, Los Angeles, and New York City—with long stints in Paraguay and Belize. I’ve been able to afford this, not because of a trust fund, but because I rarely have to pay rent.

Finding Flights, The Old-Fashioned Way

Ah, we all want to know how to get good deals on flights, yes?