Friday Chatting About Planes, Which Are Miracles, and Airlines, Which Are The Worst

“I dress warmly for planes. I’ve done that ever since the horrific nighttime American Airlines flight I took once where they pumped the AC until it was about 55 degrees in there and then told passengers we were free to pay for blankets.”

Canadians Love Vacationing in the U.S.

“Canadians visit the U.S. more than Americans visit Canada.”

The Cost of Dealbreakers While Making Travel Plans

When I was an undergrad studying abroad on the tightest budget imaginable, my pals (who were also on tight budgets) and I did what a lot of young people do in similar situations: We stayed in hostels, ate street food, and did a lot of walking. When we decided to visit Venice, we stayed at a campsite nearby and took a ferry over; the facilities were minimal, it was hot and humid as heck, but it was also cheap as heck and that’s all that mattered to us.

Amazon Enters the Travel and Tourism Market

Amazon has quietly entered the online travel agent space that’s currently occupied by giants like, Airbnb and Expedia, which acquired Orbitz earlier this February.

Let’s All Run Away to Europe Together

The dollar is strong and the euro is weakening.

The Cost of Losing a Passport: The Tangible Losses and Intangible Gains

Discovering that you have lost your passport while in another country and with an impending deadline for an enormous feature can make you feel as if there is a mass of trumpets screaming inside your head. The guilt from your Chinese upbringing and 12 years of Catholic education only deepen your urge to crawl into a hole.

Taking a Different Flight in Exchange for a Voucher

On changing your travel plans in exchange for a voucher.

A Honeymoon Remembered in Receipts

A story in receipts.

The Cost of Feeding Myself On Travel

My general travel philosophy, honed after years of dragging my guitar from convention to convention, is that you get one “real meal” per day, “real” being defined as “a hot meal with more than one food item included, maybe even served on a non-disposable plate.”

Updates From a Plane

After reading all of your advice (both for and against) renters insurance, I ended up purchasing the Geico plan. I mean, it took me until last Saturday to finally push go on that, but I did it.