Things to Do When You Know Your Flight Is About to Be Canceled

Like tens of thousands of other travelers this winter, Reuter's Lauren Young had to deal with attempting to fix her travel plans after her flight was canceled due to bad weather. Young runs through the various things she should have done when she started to receive travel advisories, namely, she should had rebooked her flight.

When One-Way Tickets Are Cheaper Than Round-Trip Fares

But buying a bunch of different one way tickets to get to your destination also sounds like a bit of nightmare to me, especially since I don't like to be at airports any longer than absolutely necessary.

Hot Tips for Your Summer Travels

Traveling with friends is fun, the awkwardness of splitting shared bills is not. Shared Expenses Fund to the rescue!

This Is How You’re Supposed to Travel

Four years ago, Billfold pal Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a lawyer and bought a one-way ticket to Chile. She has been roaming the globe every since, and gives a lot of really terrific advice on how to travel on a budget on her blog, Legal Nomads.

How to Spend Two Weeks and $1,400 in Thailand

There were large, sweating bottles of beer that had been replenished several times over the course of two hours. I dropped the zeroes, divided by three, double-checked the trickier-than-it-should-be conversion of baht to dollars and—it was still $65.