The Cost of a Week in Los Angeles and San Diego

Four days of dining out in San Diego is less than half the cost of three days of dining out in Los Angeles.

Checking In With Summer Expenses

At the beginning of the summer, I estimated that I’d spend $3,270 on travel and “summer adventures,” and I am not quite halfway there.

The Cost of Vacation, Part 5: Adding Everything Up

For what it’s worth, I spent the equivalent of nearly one month’s earnings on a thirteen-day trip.

The Cost of Vacation, Part 4: NYC

So how much did I spend to travel to The Billfold Live? Let’s add up the numbers.

One American’s Search for a Bank Account Abroad

Stocking up on GBP became my new hobby.

Tipping Housekeeping is Controversial? (No It Isn’t)

Chatting About Work Trips and Expense Guilt

Meaghan: Expenses are the best thing about work trips. But also very fraught. Or in the hands of people like us, very fraught. EXPENSE GUILT!

Mike: Oh totally. I am bad about expensing things—or maybe I feel bad about expensing things. For example, I will be taking public transportation to the airport even though I can just hail a cab or order an Uber and expense it.

The Cost of Flying Across the Country to Be a Guest at a Convention

Traveling Without a Plan or a Budget

I’m in Croatia, and it’s four in the morning. I have nowhere to sleep. I haven’t changed my clothes in five days, which is fine because I don’t actually have any other clothes to change into. This is all part of the money saving plan. Don’t book places to stay—just meet people. Don’t buy clothes—just smell bad.

Paying Extra for a Flight for the Convenience of a Better Seat