What Aren’t We Spending Money On?

At TIME, Jacob Davidson goes through some of the data and makes a list of 10 things that Millennials aren’t buying. Are you not buying these things? Let’s go through them one by one.

Student Loan Debt: Bad for the Economy

The Federal Reserve of New York released some numbers last week that show — surprise! — student loan debt is higher than ever. Sam Frizell at Time talks about how student loans aren’t just bad for our own personal economies, they’re bad for THE economy.

Janet Yellen + Mr. Janet Yellen: Total Power Couple

Janet Yellen was finally confirmed as the Federal Reserve Chair, which means she and her flawless bob will be gracing the cover of this week’s TIME.

Man Steals 10,000 Pounds of Quarters from Parking Meters

An Albany parking meter repair man stole $210,000 worth of quarters from old parking meters he rigged, which he says he used to fund a gambling addiction. The city’s parking commissioner noticed something was amiss when he noticed that the digital pay stations were making a lot more money than the quarter-fed machines. I’m bracing myself next for a story about a 14-year-old hacker who figured out how scrape credit card information from the digital machines.

She Works Hard For The Money

What we’re reading on International Women’s Day

Etsy, Regretsy, Protesty

When small business owners become big business owners.

But Do These Jobs Actually Pay?

Maybe I need to reconsider how I define “actually pay.”

Young People, Responsible

Yes. Oh yes. A post in TIME about how millennials aren’t so “entitled” and are actually willing to sacrifice!