Link Round-up: Financial Therapy; Food Stamps; Getting Fired Over Likeability

Now you can get checked out and helped out by a mental health professional who has a focus on your finances and your feelings.

Oh Say Can You See 1 Thing 2 Do

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing. When Thursday is a national holiday, Wednesday is a perfectly fine day to do stuff, too.

It’s Weird But Adult to Talk Money With Strangers

Meaghan: So YOU had an exciting morning, eh? You visited a financial advisor!

Ester: Yes! It was very adult. Our advisor lady did our taxes for us this year which was the FIRST TIME that’s ever happened, but she was so smart and nice that we decided to ask her to Counsel us. To give us Counsel. Because we’ve never gotten that before either.

Meaghan: Yeah! I have never done it, though it has always seemed like a good idea. I guess almost like therapy the key is finding someone who you trust/respect.

Ester: She came recommended from a Billfold pal, actually! (And a real-life friend.)

Meaghan: Amazing. I guess also having her help you with taxes was a nice way to get to know her and see how she works and stuff?

Ester: Yes, and vice versa — she got to know us pretty well by doing our taxes too. :) We figured that would give her a pretty clear picture of who and where we are, and it did. The big change is that the fella, who is currently a full-time corporate lawyer, will not be one for long, so there is much Mystery and Complexity about what happens next.

Depression and Money, Some Real Talk

Martha Kaplan and I are both depressed. This is the first in a series of conversations about depression and money.