Too Much House or Not Enough

I found this post on house sizes by country via Radiolab, and it asks: How much space is enough? That depends of course on how big your family is and what you do (my parents knocked down walls and built additions to their house because they needed space to dance). I live in a small studio apartment, which I think is perfectly at the moment, so I agree with what the author of the post, Lindsay Wilson says here: “In my mind if you have decent ceiling heights, good windows, clever storage and not too much stuff a little space can go a long way.”

What I Learned Working The Graveyard Shift

Recently, I had become a night guy, one of the go-tos for the 3 and 4 a.m. shifts. That made me part of an unfortunate demographic, the estimated 20 percent of the workforce in developed countries working the overnight shift, a population prone to sleep deprivation, weakened immune systems, and a host of possible medical conditions from high blood pressure to diabetes, even cancer.

Working as a Mailman in Canada’s Frozen North

I work as a mailman. Delivering to the communities carved into the woods along the Alaska Highway, in the southern end of Canada’s Yukon Territory.