Emotional Labor and the Man Who Paid Me $400 to Have Dinner With Him

He didn’t say $400 straight out. He didn’t name any sort of price and I knew it’d be gauche to ask; it would ruin the deal.

$13K A Year For Poop: How Does That Compare On The Open Market

There’s a new, exciting, and even grosser than usual way to profit from your own biology. A lab in Boston wants your poop for a good cause. That’s right, your foul bodily waste could actually work magic for someone else.

The Hair Classifieds: How I Put My Hair Up for Sale

t was late May, nearly three weeks after I received a layoff notice from my newspaper reporting job that I held for five years. I had already hawked everything worth anything on eBay and Craigslist. Financial anxiety seized its grip on me after I moved to New York from Los Angeles to pursue greener journalism pastures. That’s how I ended up at 1 a.m. on a hair classified website, where hairwork artists bid on strands to be incorporated into their art—or so they claim.

The Odious Things We Do for Money

Here is a Reddit thread on the most effed up things people say they’ve done for money. Can you guess what they are?