Are We Yuppies? Are People Still Using That Word?: A Friday Chat

“I believe the new word for ‘yuppie’ is ‘Millennial.'”

Have a Terrible Time Traveling? Good! You’re Supposed To

Somebody Please Buy The World Some Damn Medicine

The Language of Money

John Lanchaster wrote a novel called Capital, set in London before and after the 2008 financial crisis. As one would imagine, he learned a lot about finance in the writing of it. He has a very Billfold-y piece in this week’s New Yorker about decoding the alienating language of money: “It is potent and efficient, but also exclusive and excluding.”

Concerning the Moral Obligations of the Wealthy

Tear Down This Paywall: The New Yorker Opens Its Archives

The Things You Own, Own You: Fitbit Edition

Everything I Need to Know I Learned Before Kindergarten

The Woman Who Would Smuggle You Stateside For $35,000

In Requiem for a Snakehead, Patrick Radden Keefe writes a quick and fascinating profile of Cheng Chui Ping, aka Sister Ping, for The New Yorker. Sister Ping, who died of pancreatic cancer in federal prison last week, operated a “sophisticated immigration-smuggling ring” that brought thousands of people from Southeast China to the U.S. She is a hero, a villain, or both, depending who you ask:

Feeling Weird About Being a Video Game Millionaire

For The New Yorker‘s Elements blog, Simon Parkin talks to some of the beautiful weirdos whose indie video games made them millionaires, often overnight. A lot of them feel really conflicted about it. Or depressed! Or afraid. Or just guilty.