John Oliver Throws Stones at the Lottery

People hate taxes yet love lotteries, even though lottery winners are often quite unlucky in the long run.

Lotto Winner Would Like to Fix Teeth, Visit Son

A homeless man won $50,000 ($35,000 after taxes) playing a scratch card ticket and says he plans on using the money to do the following: getting dental work done, visiting his son, giving eight fellow homeless people he knows $100 each, and putting the rest into savings. Sounds reasonable! And contrary to the stories that show some lottery winners spending all their money and going quickly bankrupt (as it goes, it you’re bad with money and play the lottery and win, you’re likely to spend it all and mismanage your winnings because, well, you are bad with money).

Who’s the Idiot Now? In My Family, We Play the Lottery to Win

When my mom asked me last week if I wanted her to buy me a Powerball ticket, with the pot valued at 500 million dollars, I said yes.