The Cost Of Things: Getting Buried In NYC’s Fanciest Cemetery

Almost 200 years after it opened, the cemetery continues to serve customers. You too can be buried there.

One Hundred Bucks and a Mission to Beat the Summer Heat

I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that I was dead wrong about my ability to handle the heat.

The Cost Of Things: A Brain Tumor

MRI at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s astoundingly high-end, almost spa-like MRI center, required upfront on a credit card: $1,631.79. The MRI shows a large benign growth on my pituitary gland.

How Much Do You Plan Your Life With Parenthood Costs In Mind?

Forget retirement. Are you saving for parenthood?

The Cost of Not Having a Baby Shower

I don’t make a lot of money, but I also don’t believe in baby showers. So when my husband and I learned we were expecting two years ago, we decided not to have one, but were nervous about the expenses that our little one would incur.

What We’d Do to See Our Favorite Bands

Linda actually bumped into Hayley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer on the cruise, and she said the band wanted to make the cruise a tradition, and so Linda started saving for that potential as soon as she’d paid her grandmother back. “This time around, I’m selling a kidney,” she said before adding, “Just kidding! … But there’s no way I’m not going.”

Interning in the Summer With My Sister

We spent several minutes on the phone gushing about how happy we were and how great this was going to be, and then I asked my sister where she was planning on staying.

“I thought I’d stay with you!” she said cheerily.

A Case for the $8 Egg Carton

Although we understand average costs of living, we rarely see the high-price of heirloom work reflected on our price tags. Suddenly $8 for a dozen eggs, which I’d washed by hand, almost seems too low.

The Cost Of A Bruised Tailbone

I started using my credit card for things I shouldn’t, like daily take-out, more Uber rides, Amazon movie rentals, and sad online shopping. I racked up nearly $500.

In College Without a Car