Talking About the Cost of Potty Training With Jane Marie

“I’ve probably spent around $40 on baby underwear, but I am who I am and that might not be everyone’s bag. I just love lingerie.”

The Cost of Celebrating Your 5-Year-Old’s Birthday in Estonia

Parents dropped the children off and disappeared promptly at 11 a.m., answering the question I had been pondering of whether this was a drop-off party.

The Costs Of Trauma

But as someone who has experienced a school shooting, I find it illuminating to look at how we describe the intangible costs of trauma.

The Cost of Pulling Out My Hair

I’d never heard of trichotillomania—the official name for hair pulling disorder—until I was idly Googling in my college library one night. “No way,” I thought.

A $300 Question of the Day

This question of the day comes from one of our readers.

The Cost of a Weeklong Bike Tour

Seven days on a bike tour—from Sioux City to Davenport.

The Cost Of College Tuition In 1692

How 17th century American Puritans did taxes, banks, and paying for college. (It involves mutton.)

The $39.99 Question of the Day

News of Netflix raising its monthly rates has us asking a very important question of the day.

On Trying To Give Up Candy For My Kids

I love treats. A brownie and Diet Coke are my ideal breakfast, though a chocolate glazed old fashioned donut works too.

My Life and Education as a Community College Transfer Student

When I was 17 my parents offered me a deal: We’ll pay for your entire undergraduate career if you go to community college first, and a public, in-state school for the bachelor’s degree. I couldn’t say no; this was free college.