The Cost of Losing a Passport: The Tangible Losses and Intangible Gains

Discovering that you have lost your passport while in another country and with an impending deadline for an enormous feature can make you feel as if there is a mass of trumpets screaming inside your head. The guilt from your Chinese upbringing and 12 years of Catholic education only deepen your urge to crawl into a hole.

Tallying Up The Cost of an All-Expenses Paid Trip

All-expenses paid. That’s a magical adjective, isn’t it? I think it’s my new favorite—although four-star, first-class, and state-of-the-art are all battling it out for second place.

Profit and Authenticity in a Racing Community

Late last year, Facebook-for-runners was abuzz with the announcement that the San Diego-based Competitor Group will be putting on a Rock and Roll half marathon in Brooklyn in October.

A List of Costs Associated With Buying Our Home

In December, my husband and I bought our first house. Our house cost $500,000 on paper, and in real life we spent exactly $91,068.31—money that used to be in our bank accounts, but is now somewhere else. A lot of our money went to the bank, and a bunch of other people and places got some money too. Here’s where it all went:

Inspection: $450 Before we put an offer on our house, we paid an inspector to come over and tell us everything that was wrong with the house. He said it needed a new roof, a new boiler and more attic insulation. We said, “Thank you! Here is a credit card!”

Deposit, with the offer: $15,000 Our real estate agent suggested we provide a deposit of $15,000 with our offer to make us seem as serious as possible.

We made the decision to buy the house quickly and didn’t have thousands of dollars in accessible bank accounts (free online banking is the best, except when you need a certified check for thousands of dollars and you need it right now). My dad offered to go to his real bank and get a certified check for us.

My husband met my dad at his office to pick up the check. My dad gave him a tour of the office and a bottle of apple juice from the office fridge.

We paid my dad back three days later.

The Cost of Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident, Part I

I just got legally wed at New York City Hall (actually the Office of the City Clerk) and am in the process of applying for family-based permanent residency. That is, a spousal green card. I’ve been in the U.S. in student status (not a visa! Canadians don’t need visas!) since 2008, and since I’m graduating in May, now is the time to make some moves.

The Cost of Terrible Roommates and Getting Justice From ‘Judge Judy’

But soon after my mom moved in with her roommates, she told me that she wasn’t comfortable. The roommates were very neat and nit-picky about household chores. They lectured her about the spots they found on their bowls and plates. They told her they had a history of being overbearing with roommates. After that, my mom started hiding in her bedroom, trying to avoid them at all costs. She told me on the phone that she was planning to move out. I was a little worried, but it never occurred to me that she might be in over her head.

The Cost of Throwing Money at the Problem of Getting Sick

In early December 2014 I went to the doctor for a twinge. Fifty-six days, two surgeries, and countless tests later I've been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I could recount for you all the copay and medication costs, but let’s talk about all the things I bought that insurance doesn’t come close to covering.

The Cost of Things: Eloping in England

Flowers: We forgot to buy any, but the coffee shop we stopped in before the ceremony had little jars of yellow roses on the tables. We asked if we could take one, just for an hour or so, and brought them back after they'd done their part.

A Honeymoon Remembered in Receipts

A story in receipts.