The Last Days of Target Canada

When Target, the popular American discount retailer, arrived in Canada, it was doomed from the start.

The Cost of Auditioning for Jeopardy

When I first got the email saying I was invited to audition for "Jeopardy," half of me was already spending the money I would win. I figured I would crush the literature and food rounds for five nights in a row, and then I would figure out the answer to "Final Jeopardy!" thanks to some pivotal life event (a la Slumdog Millionaire).

The Cost of Losing a Passport: The Tangible Losses and Intangible Gains

Discovering that you have lost your passport while in another country and with an impending deadline for an enormous feature can make you feel as if there is a mass of trumpets screaming inside your head. The guilt from your Chinese upbringing and 12 years of Catholic education only deepen your urge to crawl into a hole.

The Cost of a Long-Distance Relationship

I've been in a long-distance relationship for more than two years now. When we resided in the same state, it was easy to see each other because I had a car, and only needed $20 for gas to make a trip to visit my boyfriend. Now, with me in New York and him in Pennsylvania, seeing him means I'd have to pay $47 for a round-trip bus ticket. Sure, this isn't a huge difference, but when you're working off a limited budget, it can get overwhelming.

The Cost Of Things: Missing Your Night-Bus In Peru

Departure tax: S/.2 each, because Arequipa will not let you leave without a fight

A List of Costs Associated With Buying Our Home

In December, my husband and I bought our first house. Our house cost $500,000 on paper, and in real life we spent exactly $91,068.31—money that used to be in our bank accounts, but is now somewhere else. A lot of our money went to the bank, and a bunch of other people and places got some money too. Here’s where it all went:

Inspection: $450 Before we put an offer on our house, we paid an inspector to come over and tell us everything that was wrong with the house. He said it needed a new roof, a new boiler and more attic insulation. We said, “Thank you! Here is a credit card!”

Deposit, with the offer: $15,000 Our real estate agent suggested we provide a deposit of $15,000 with our offer to make us seem as serious as possible.

We made the decision to buy the house quickly and didn’t have thousands of dollars in accessible bank accounts (free online banking is the best, except when you need a certified check for thousands of dollars and you need it right now). My dad offered to go to his real bank and get a certified check for us.

My husband met my dad at his office to pick up the check. My dad gave him a tour of the office and a bottle of apple juice from the office fridge.

We paid my dad back three days later.

The Cost of Things: Getting The Flu When Your Insurance Sucks

Thanks to my newfound pioneer attitude, my response to grogginess and an incipient cough was to take two Advil and a bracing three-hour walk through snow-encrusted Prospect Park. Here’s what that cost me.

The Cost of Becoming a U.S. Permanent Resident, Part III

In parts one and two of this series, I wrote about getting my permanent residency materials in order so I could submit them as soon as possible after the wedding. By Thursday, Jan. 29, everything was in order except for the marriage certificate that we would get the next day at the wedding.

The Cost of Throwing Money at the Problem of Getting Sick

In early December 2014 I went to the doctor for a twinge. Fifty-six days, two surgeries, and countless tests later I've been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I could recount for you all the copay and medication costs, but let’s talk about all the things I bought that insurance doesn’t come close to covering.