Small Luxuries: Putting Together a Starter Patio on a Shoestring Budget

After receiving $100 as a wedding gift, my husband and I decided to spend it on some patio furniture.

Bridesmaiding Vs Groomsmanning

The first time a friend asked me to bridesmaid was in 2005, the year following my own elopement. Every little thing made me happier about my decision to not have a wedding.

Public School Is Not Only Not Free, It’s Gotten Expensive

I was pretty surprised to learn exactly how expensive it has gotten to send a child to public school.

My Big, Fat, Ultra-Budget, Courthouse-And-Backyard Wedding

There was one thing we knew for certain: we absolutely were not going to be that couple that went into extreme debt or had their parents dip into their retirement savings in order to foot the bill for one extravagant day.

Going Into Debt To Go Greek

“Hey, how much does it cost to be a Tri-Delt or whatever, anyway?”

The Rent, Yes, Is Too Damn High, Etc.

Here’s something you’ve perhaps noticed on your own: rents have been getting crazy high!

Not Coach, But Not Quite Business Class

The Wall Street Journal reports that international airlines are increasingly outfitting their airplanes with “Premium Economy” seats for people who don’t want to fly coach but can’t afford first or business class.

Converse Gets an Overhaul

Remember when you could get a pair of Chuck Taylors for $20?

Lies, Damned Lies, And Wedding Cost Statistics

Quick, tell me: how much does the average wedding in the United States cost? $25,000? $30,000?

A Really Easy Way to Throw Away $6

You can buy a bottle of water with asparagus in it for only $6!