The Cost of Teen Fandom

I came of age when music videos were still a big deal, Rolling Stone created controversial covers, and in order to guarantee album sales, an artist had to visit TRL and ham it up with Carson Daly.

The Complex Economics Of The Contemporary Bridal Shower

I would sum these up as lovely, appropriate, thoughtful gifts that will all eventually be KonMarie’d out of my life.

The Cost Of An American Girl Doll Experience

I whispered to my husband, “Are we insane? A $115 doll? Shouldn’t she be behind glass? What if her hair gets matted?”

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride (On Purpose)

When I was a kid, I would say that I never planned on getting married. My mother would laugh and tell me that I would change my mind, but now, after 30 years, I think she finally believes me.

The Cost of Calling the Whole Thing Off

In 2010, I made the hardest, best decision of my life: I broke off my engagement.

The Cost Of Things: Returning To Orthodontia As An Adult

Go ahead, ask me about my retainer.

The Cost Of Getting A Nursing License When You Have A Record

These are all of the steps I had to take to get my RN license from the California Board of Registered Nursing; the whole process took just under three months.

The Cost Of Things: Getting Buried In NYC’s Fanciest Cemetery

Almost 200 years after it opened, the cemetery continues to serve customers. You too can be buried there.

One Hundred Bucks and a Mission to Beat the Summer Heat

I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say that I was dead wrong about my ability to handle the heat.

The Cost Of Things: A Brain Tumor

MRI at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s astoundingly high-end, almost spa-like MRI center, required upfront on a credit card: $1,631.79. The MRI shows a large benign growth on my pituitary gland.