Fifty Years Old and Sandwiched Between Two Generations

Women in their fifth decade often find themselves wedged, viselike, between two generations.

In Charge of a Thanksgiving Side

American Thanksgiving seemed to come suddenly this year, and I didn’t make plans until very recently, when a handful of my “orphaned” friends asked me if I was interested in having Thanksgiving with them, and I said, yes, of course, just tell me what to bring.

(S)extra Room: The Cost Of A “Non-Private” Living Arrangement

A search online for cheap, quick housing turned up a category that I never knew existed: roommates with benefits.

When “Home For The Holidays” Means Your Home: The First Friendsgiving

I’d never cooked a turkey or made stuffing in my life, but I figured it was nothing the Internet couldn’t teach me how to do.

The Cost of Living in the Most Affordable City In America

Forbes named Birmingham, Alabama, the most affordable city in America in their list for 2015, and as a freshly-minted Birminghamite, I’d have to agree.

The Cost Of Trying To Seem Perfect Via 5 Years Of Holiday Cards

As years passed, our shoots got more elaborate and more expensive.

The Cost of Beauty at 40

Money I spend to maintain my over-40 looks—even while realizing that I’m in pursuit of unrealistic standards of beauty.

DIYing a Second Language

A little more than five years ago, my half-Italian husband and I decided that in five years we’d move to Italy. Our reasoning was approximately: Because it’s there. Never mind that I spoke no Italian whatsoever unless it related to restaurants, musical terminology, or the libretto of an opera. I had five years. How hard could it be?

Free Market Saves The Day. Yay?

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals’ action amounts to a kind of charity, and charity, however welcome and important, can’t be counted on.

The Cost Of Food In 2050

We all know that sea levels are rising, but the cost of food may be rising too. By how much?