Heidi Moore Says Wall Street Getting Its Reckoning, Let’s Believe Her, Feels Good

Heidi’s articles about The Banks are the only articles about The Banks: “The reaper has come for America’s strongest bank. JP Morgan, the bank that sailed elegantly through the financial crisis with no scratches, just announced its first quarterly loss since 2004 … Consequences, long delayed, are being visited on the financial sector for its abuses, and JP Morgan’s bad quarter is the first really tangible evidence of that.”

Ben Says Fiscal Cliff, Paul Says Austerity Bomb, Heidi Explains All

Heidi N. Moore has a delicious translation of Speaker Boehner’s letter to Pres. Obama about THE FISCAL CLIFF, and you should definitely read it. (“We’ve been pretty clear that we don’t want to raise taxes on people making more than $250,000 a year – but if we absolutely have to, then we insist on cutting government spending on programs like social security and Medicare.”)

If this sarcasm piques your interest in the cliff and now you’re like, oh maybe I should read about that I guess, MAY I SUGGEST this thread in which Heidi and her Guardian pal Dominic Rushe answer reader questions about the fiscal cliff. Their responses are extremely readable and understandable.

FOR EXAMPLE, Heidi answered the question, “Why is it called a cliff?” super simply (TO SCARE YOU), and then explained the whole mess in four short paragraphs.

“There’s no good reason that it’s called a cliff! The phrase was invented by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke in February and everyone stuck with it.