Good Enough Homes and Destinations: What You Get For $300,000

It’s real estate time! This week, the Gray Lady lets us know what we get for $1,100,000 and teaches us some new vocabulary words along the way:

This log cabin is on Homan Lake, a private lake tucked into the Ottawa National Forest, and ringed by about 30 houses on lots ranging in size from 3 to 20 acres. The surrounding woods are popular with snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. … A vaulted ceiling with clerestory windows draws additional light. The entry-level master suite opens to the deck. The second bedroom is on the walkout lower level, which opens to two patios and a path to the lake.

Clerestory! I think I met a girl named that at ballet class. No, just kidding. According to Wikipedia, “in architecture, clerestory are any high windows above eye level. The purpose is to bring outside light, fresh air, or both into the inner space.” Look for it on the SATs.

Let’s see what we ordinary folks could get for $300,000. And just for kicks, let’s make this the Volunteer State Edition.

Places I’ve Lived: Gangrene, Electroshock Victims and My Mother-In-Law’s

Tyler Street, Boston, Mass. $450 This place always smelled like chicken fingers, and we had an ex-con with gangrene in his ankle who slept on our couch. My entire stay—from the day my terrified mom dropped off my record collection to the unceremonious and not-entirely-explained eviction notice—was a depraved vacation between novelty shop jobs during that whole post-9/11-malaise phase we all went through.