Buying A First Car: The American Dream

How I Learned to Love Investing

Rachel Laban didn’t think she would ever invest money in the stock market—until one day when she did.

Five Incidents of Tuning in to Money

I’m an AmeriCorps member, serving as a quasi-social worker helping low-income families with their financial difficulties. I’m explaining to my client in painfully incompetent Spanish that there’s nothing she can do legally, that the landlord’s letter she handed me says she needs to move herself and her family out of their apartment by tomorrow, that the county will probably offer her shelter since her kids have social security numbers, even though she doesn’t.

Pieces of Paper in a Vault

People tend to think of, and talk about, having money in their retirement accounts. They talk about “pulling cash out of the 401(k)” or “making money on a good stock pick.” Our casual language for these things is really sloppy. There isn’t any money in your retirement account, of course. There are shares. But that’s a little abstract, especially in the era of electronic finances, so I prefer: pieces of paper in a vault.

How to Choose Investments for Retirement

Why you need to know this: Because you should know what stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are so you can make the right investments and be a rich old person.