The Wise and Honest Can Repair

Why You Should Shop at Ethnic Grocery Stores

What I Learned in 2012: Buy Good Things

If you buy good things and use them for a long time, it can help you save money for more nice things in the future.

Hip Hop Song Titles Reflecting The Current Economic Environment

• The Notorious B.I.G., “Less Money, Mo’ Problems”

Pieces of Paper in a Vault

People tend to think of, and talk about, having money in their retirement accounts. They talk about “pulling cash out of the 401(k)” or “making money on a good stock pick.” Our casual language for these things is really sloppy. There isn’t any money in your retirement account, of course. There are shares. But that’s a little abstract, especially in the era of electronic finances, so I prefer: pieces of paper in a vault.