My Years As A Kleptomaniac

1984. My breath catches in my throat as my fingers curl around the smooth porcelain bowl.


At The New Inquiry Charles Davis discusses stealing from evil corporations and although I see the point (corporations don’t always play by the rules, so why should we?), I don’t see how it makes walking into a retail story and stealing a flatscreen TV an OK thing to do, although “Corporations Steal, So I’m Stealing This TV” would make a pretty good #slatepitches piece. [Thanks to Jon for the link!]

Pilfering From the Hotel Room

“35% of global travelers say they make off with even more valuable hotel amenities, such as towels, lamps, robes and bedding, according to a recent survey by the hotel booking site”

Nine Money-Saving Tips From My Mom

1. You can dress nice for that big dance by buying swanky clothes and then just returning them when the dance is over. Ditto patio furniture and a cookout.

Not Paying for Museum Admission Not Worth It

WWYD: Watching Someone You Know Steal

What would you do if you saw someone you know steal?