Change The World With Your Sick Startup

Here is a WSJ article about how start-ups want to hire entrepreneurial-minded people. Makes sense to me. But the most interesting part of the thing is a quote from a guy named Roger Cosseboom, who is currently an engineer at 42floors but wants to start his own jam one day. HE SAYS: "It's kind of cheesy, but it's the best way to change the world a little bit nowadays."

Have Fun Working Til You’re 80

The Huffington Post reports that one-third of the middle class expect to work through their EIGHTIES. What I want to know is, don’t they know they can just, like, make an app or come up with an idea for a sick startup? I mean, that’s my retirement plan. “DUH.”

My Business Plan: Apples & Water

We all have business plans. What's your business plan, William Foster?

Thanks for the Transparency, Tomorrow Mag!

The dudes and dudettes at Tomorrow Mag have published exactly how all the dollars they collected to make their magazine were spent, including how much they paid themselves. This is revolutionary! AND WONDERFUL! Look at this excellent spreadsheet that they have shared with us.  My one QUIBBLE is that I wish there was a breakdown of “Snaxxx, $68.09″ (WHAT KIND OF SNAXXX) but other than that, it’s pretty great.

Selling Knives Just Like Selling Anything Else

Ed Sim compares his college job of selling CutCo knives door-to-door with this current gig as a venture capitalist. HE FINDS SOME SIMILARITIES.

Should I Continue to Invest in This Domain Name? Is That a Thing? (Was It Ever?)

This is one of the many domain names I own and that I now need to make a decision about!

The World’s Oldest Profession Not Easiest, Safest, or Most Lucrative, Turns Out

Just in case you woke up this morning sure that the brilliant and very original solution to your money woes is to become a sex worker—I mean, it’s worked out so well for our sample size of two—may I please direct you to “Behind Closed Doors: An Analysis of Indoor Sex Work in New York City,” a report put out by The Sex Workers Project. Read that. It’ll take about an hour. Pay special attention to the chapters on “Violence,” “Robbery from customers,” and “Police interactions,” but you know, of course bad things would never happen to you, so instead why don’t you actually just skip those and focus on “Finances.”  This is not a solution to any of your problems. (Duh?) Duh.

Work Snacks

If you want to read about some of the fancy food available in startup cafeterias in Silicon Valley, that is a thing you can do. (Falafel waffles, fois gras, kobe beef, Google’s “world renowned” offerings, you know the usuallllllllll.) I’m sitting next to an open package of Jello Pudding Snacks  that I got from the 99 cents store so I’m not really feeling that jealous, but maybe you are? Love the life you’ve got.

The Right Way to Play Your IPO

Friend and hero Heidi N. Moore has a super easy-to-understand and also cutting analysis of what went wrong on Facebook’s big day (hint: LOTS). There are some fun things to be learned about how IPOs work, which is good, because we’re all going to need to know what to do and what not to do when our own sick startups go public. Step one: Don’t do secret and illegal things. Step two: Do everything Facebook did, but opposite.