The ‘Year-After Effect’

“A year after I buy something, and wear it frequently, I realise how bad it is.”

How To Buy A Suit

“I really enjoyed putting on a good-looking suit and tie every day — it made me feel like a true professional when I was just out of college.”

How Much Families Spend On Back-To-School

How Americans in general do money when it comes to Back 2 School.

Kink Is Expensive: The Cost Of Setting Up As A Dom

The picture of a Dom you may have in your mind, with leather corset, boots, skirt and maybe a whip? That’s a minimum five hundred dollar outlay IF you buy 2nd hand.

Buying an iPhone 6 During the Worst Time of Year to Buy Phones

It was a phone. It appeared to work. It had the biggest number on it. Done.

The 90s — And Blockbuster — Are Alive And Well In Mexico

Do you miss Blockbuster? Feel wistful for Woolworths? There’s a hack for that: try going south of the border.

Prime Time

So today is Prime Day—a day Amazon devised to be the summer version of Black Friday in November. We’ve always avoided all the “deals” coverage surrounding these things because of their blatant hyper-consumeristic nature, but I was still curious so I took a peek.

Hustling Over Budgeting

Being scrappy is my jam. I don’t call myself frugal because that to me entails sacrifice and I don’t adhere to the mantra of the miser, nor would I call myself a “shopaholic” because that entails frivolity and a lack of control.

Tact Vs Transparency When It Comes To Money In Relationships

“I just paid in cash for a thing and the lady told me that women do this all the time — they pay cash, or half in cash, so that their husbands/partners don’t see the full amount.”

Doing Shopping Wrong, Summer Shoes Edition

The bottom six inches of a person, my high school friends and I once agreed, will tell you everything you need to know. As a young teenager, the bottom six inches of me were all wrong.