Airbnb Spends $8 Million to Defeat Proposition F

Airbnb, which earns money every time a host rents a property, has the funds and the leverage to make sure it can keep taking its share.

“Our Laws Weren’t Written With This Economy in Mind”: Susie Cagle on the Gig Economy

Two days ago we looked at the decoupling of productivity and wages, courtesy of Hank and John Green.
Now, journalist and artist Susie Cagle helps us look at another decoupling: one of employers and employees.

Socialism: The Sharing Economy I Want

I want just a little bit of everyday socialism.

A Follow-Up on the Uber $362 Car Ride Story

A few days ago, we shared the story of Gabrielle Wathen, a Baltimore woman who discovered that, due to surge pricing at 9 times the usual amount, Uber had charged her $362 for an approximately 22-minute ride. Here’s a follow-up.

A Whisk for Everyone

I Give Strangers Rides, They Give Me Money

I drive people around and it’s working out fine.