Job of the Day: Science Writing Fact Checker

from longtime Billfolder Shannon Palus’ wonderful essay about her day job, “Dispatches from a fact checker.” Shannon fact checks for Discover and Popular Science, and manages to make the job seem wildly fascinating and beautiful and TERRIFYING, all at once.

How Much The Borrowers Owe Us

We moved in nine months ago, and The Borrowers have already constructed a nice little nest out of some of our stuff. Here’s what we’ve lost in our apartment:

Inbox (1)

Give me 1 job.

My Last Hundred And Fifty Bucks: And Then Summer Was Over

Where’d your last hundo go, Shannon Palus?

Lessons Were Learned

We learned some things.

The Archaeobotany Lab: A Coming of Age Story

My high school’s motto was, “I set before thee an open door.” So, in the spirit of seizing opportunities, students were required to complete an internship project during our junior year.

A New Canadian Fifty-Dollar Bill Leaves the Bank for a Brief Period of Time

As of March, there are new fifty-dollar bills here in Canada.

Going to the Movies, a Cost Breakdown

• Large popcorn and box of chocolate covered raisins: $11 per group