The Playing Field Isn’t Level But That Doesn’t Mean Don’t Play

Everyone has to deal with obstacles, after all, so most everyone can relate to / empathize with struggle; whereas we don't all get trust funds or rich, supportive partners. Those are distributed inequitably. But so, for that matter, is talent.

The Postsecrets We Keep

The anonymous thought-sharing app Secret, which is strong enough for a man but PH-balanced for anyone with a smartphone and opposable thumbs, raised a huge amount of money for expansion purposes by branching out beyond the tech world.

the company also announced on Monday that it raised an additional $25 million in venture financing from a number of esteemed firms and angel investors, including Index Ventures, SV Angel and Fuel Capital. Previously, it raised $10 million. The new funding puts the valuation of Secret, a six-month-old company, at higher than $100 million.

The news reminded me of, and made me nostalgic for, Postsecret, the wistfully adorable mechanism through which people made art out of short, intimate confessions sent through the mail. Scrolling through the site, I was struck by how many admissions relate to money, one way or another:


Sick Secrets: Hot Baths (Really!) and Oysters (REALLY)

My sick secret is…a hot bath. Yep, that’s it. It’s something our parents and grandparents used to prescribe all the time, but no one my age ever seems to believe in or practice this theory! When you start to get those aches that mean a fever is coming on, you need to draw the hottest bath you can stand, and sit in it until you’ve broken a sweat—at least 10 minutes, but longer is even better. Wrap yourself up, head to bed immediately, and 90% of the time, all the illness will have left your body by the time you wake up (via…steam? sweat? germ-ridden exhalations? unclear). Easy peasy, and doesn’t even require a miserable trip to CVS. —Kristin Nabers, Atlanta, Ga.

My go-to cure is: oysters. A dozen or more at the first hint of a cold and the zinc loading (plus the benefits of all that horseradish in the cocktail sauce) will banish all symptoms of your nascent cold/flu. Also, oysters are delicious and if you can hit up a bar at happy hour, can be found inexpensively on the half shell. I’m not one for cooked or fried oysters, so I can’t say those work as well as raw. I would think, however, that raw is the way to go, much like how cooking vegetables lowers their nutritional value. I’m doing the oyster cure this week and so far, so good. And, so delicious. —Emily, Washington, DC


THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. THIS IS NOT EVEN FINANCIAL ADVICE. NO ONE HERE IS A DOCTOR. But: Do you have a secret about how to prevent getting sick or get better quickly if you are sick or any other kind of healthcare hack? SEND ME YOUR SICK SECRETS.

My Father’s Shadow Money

“Your father,” she said, “never spent a penny of his money on you. You were in ratty clothes, all but rags, but he drove a nice new car.”

Game Theory and ‘The Price is Right’

At Slate, Ben Blatt explains how winning on The Price is Right is really all about game theory, or strategic decision making. Here's his example from Contestants Row, the segment on the show where contestants guess the prices of various goods—the person who guesses the closest to the retail price without going over gets to move forward in the show.

My Sick Secret: Elderberries

Sick secret, dude.

Secrets of Spa Castle

BYO bathing suit and bath towel. Not for the downstairs pools; as we've established, those are safe spaces in which to be a baby again, to immerse yourself in womb-temperature water without fear of being judged for your pudge.

You Are Forgiven

Everything is alright everything is fine.

A Very Specific Shoe Secret

A secret about (little) shoes.