Credit Card Fraud, in Action

And so begins Andy Welch's story about how some fraudsters convinced him to mail his bank card to them and also give them his pin number. The things you willingly hand over when you're convinced you're talking to a trusted authority on the phone.

The Kid on the Subway Train

On my home from the office last night, a kid, about 10 years old or so, got on my subway car and announced that he was selling packages of cookies for a dollar to raise money to buy school supplies. I've heard this song and dance before, of course: A kid gets on the subway car and announces that he or she is selling M&Ms for his or her basketball team, or so that he or she can stay off the street and go to college. It's an easy story to fall for if you haven't already heard it a million times, which I have, and why I've come to train myself to ignore the announcement, burying my head into my book, or whatever I'm reading on my phone.

The Almost Free Cruise That Almost Was

Last night I got a phone call from an unknown phone number, and because I had 45 minutes before my friend's storytelling show started, I picked up. An automated voice welcomed me to a political survey. I was about to hang up when the computerized man voice sweetened the deal: "If you answer our 30-second survey, you will receive a free two-night, three-day cruise to the Bahamas courtesy of Caribbean Cruise Lines."

Hold on to Your Twitter Accounts, Kids

Sarah Phillips is a scammer, says Deadspin.

The Old Expired Student ID Scam

Tyler Coates often uses his expired grad school ID to save money, because he is smart and thrifty (“I have no shame, because I also don’t have a lot of money”). (He is not alone!)

While in line to buy play tickets this weekend, he encountered an old-student-ID-user’s worst nightmare—a ticket clerk who actually cares about rules and regulations, ugh. Tyler made it out alive with student tickets in hand(no expiration date on his ID, so lucky ) but a woman in front of him was REJECTED.

I lost my student ID many years ago, but I would never have ever used it to for EXACTLY THIS REASON, even though this is the first time I’ve ever heard of this happening, ever ever ever. Ever.

Fun Ways to Make Money Until You Get Caught: Art Forgery And/Or Theft

Another fun way to make money until you get caught.

The Case of the Mystery Haircare Products

What a scam looks like, maybe.

Millionaire On “Millionaire Matchmaker” Not Actually Millionaire

It's all very complicated — fraud is always very complicated.

WWYD: The Stranded Car

A family in a car is stranded in front of a convenience store, and asks you if they can borrow your cellphone.

People Taking Advantage of Other People

If it's too good to be true, it is.

Three Fun Ways to Make Money, Until You Get Caught: Part 2

Ways to make money and also get in trouble.

The 0-Hour Workweek is Sometimes a Scam

I am a self-diagnosed workaholic, which means I actually like working, and being at work. So the idea of a 0-hour workweek scares me a little because I can't imagine working zero hours a week, but being able to earn money somehow.