Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $290,000

There’s so much history here, we might as well be in Europe: this is the Johannes Masten House and it dates back to 1668 (!!).

Welcome to Kingston. Now Leave

Over the course of the past year, at Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan book events for the two essay anthologies I’ve edited about loving and leaving New York City, a good number of people have approached me with the same question: “Should I move to Kingston too?”

Unloading the Piano Weighing Me Down and Not Earning Its Keep

When you live in New York City, even the smallest objects in your apartment need to justify what scarce, high-priced real estate they occupy.

An Elegy for the “Non-Creepy” Realtor, aka Maggie Estep

Lately I’ve been hearing about writers in my Gen X demographic taking jobs in real estate — one of the more flexible, potentially decently paying occupations that, say, a middle-aged writer can qualify for with relatively little prior training. First it was the former bureau chief of an NPR affiliate station. Next, a colleague from a magazine I once worked at.

Sari Botton’s New York Real Estate Karma

A real estate story.