Can You Make a Living in the Independent Comic World?

Nicholas Burgess is a 24-year-old artist and activist living in Queens, NY.

The Rolling Jubilee Kicks Off

Last night's Rolling Jubilee fundraising event was a success, raising enough money to abolish about $5.5 million worth of debt.

Update on the Update on the Rolling Jubilee

The initial update was that they haven’t updated. And the update is: Please await update. (“Although we haven’t announced the details of our most recent purchases yet, we are very proud that we have not just met this promise but exceeded it. We are currently gearing up to make our next announcement in mid-November.“)

Not Everyone is Fond of the Rolling Jubilee

But there has been some criticism as well, or at least, some questions about what the Rolling Jubilee will actually be able to accomplish in the grand scheme of things (it won't for example, actually get the banks to change any of their unfair lending practices).

Update on the Rolling Jubilee :/

Remember the Rolling Jubilee, the Occupy-adjacent project that raised money to buy and forgive debt? Naked Capitalism has an update on what’s been going on with the project, and it’s kiiiiinnnnnd of a bummer. Basically: They promised transparency, and they haven’t been transparent. Yves Smith tried repeatedly to get them to disclose what they’ve been up to, and came to this conclusion:

“It’s troubling to find the members of the Rolling Jubilee board try to avoid answering basic questions and living up to promises they made by taking the position, in effect, that they have good intentions and a good cause and thus aren’t required to provide much in the way of responses.”