The Cost of a Road Trip

The idea of the road trip was hatched in the dark corner of a bar in Cambridge, sparked by the restlessness that accompanies all college graduates, ready to start the rest of their lives without a solid road map. I was moving to California, because it seemed better than spending a year sitting on my dad’s couch in upstate New York, and Wendy and Kyle, friends from college, were coming with me. We’d sleep under the stars, drink a lot of regional cheap beer, and spend a lot of time gazing pensively at corn fields out a dirty car window, writing in our journals. It was the perfect plan, the best way to delay adulthood, and an efficient and somewhat cheap vacation.

What We Eat on the Road

I haven't taken a road trip in a while, and am thinking about driving to my friend's wedding in Texas this fall. Will it be cheaper than flying? Probably not. But seeing what's available on the road these days may be totally worth it.

Rental Car Bureaucracy Conned Me Out Of An Absurd Amount Of Money

The plan was for me and two other friends to fly into New York City on Tuesday and stay with a friend in Brooklyn for two nights. Then on Thursday morning, all four of us would take a rental car up to Wolfeboro. Things didn't go as planned.

Two Sisters Take a Roadtrip

Earlier this summer, I got a new teaching job that starts next year, and my college-age sister got laid off from her nanny job (with severance pay!). To celebrate both of our freedoms, we took a 10-day road trip from Oakland to Seattle and back.