Kickstarters That Raised Money Faster Than Lincoln Chafee

Losing to POOP: The Game? That’s rough.

Poor Little Rich Folks: That Article About “Wealth Therapy”

“Being in the 1%, it turns out, can be lonely.”

How We Let Rich White Men Set The Political Agenda

The Koch brothers are reportedly considering giving a BILLION DOLLARS to Marco Rubio. Not to be outdone, Silicon Valley is ramping up its donations too.

Emotional Labor and the Man Who Paid Me $400 to Have Dinner With Him

He didn’t say $400 straight out. He didn’t name any sort of price and I knew it’d be gauche to ask; it would ruin the deal.

Two Dates With Robert Durst

I was fortunate enough to share paella with a woman who mentioned, in context, that she had briefly gone out with Robert Durst. Naturally, no else else at the table was allowed to speak until she had shared us with the full story.

What My Rich Uncle Taught Me About the Power Of Money

Everything I learned about money, I learned from my wealthy uncle.

Cartoon Villainy In The World of For-Profit Higher Ed

Cruella de Vil is alive and living in San Francisco.

Want to Know More About the Rich? Ask the People Who Clean Up After Them

There is no better way to see how the rich live than to literally clean up their garbage.

“What if you could triple profits by paying employees more?”

“You cannot tell me that your business model relies on paying people below the poverty line.”

It’s Not Your Imagination. Rich People ARE Jerks, Says Science

“The proportion of jerkdom among the rich appears to be substantially higher than among the general population.”