My Kind of Retirement

Deborah Paul spent 35 years in the workforce—including a stint as a grade school teacher at the age of 21, and then becoming the editorial director of several magazines—before she started to retire. In a recent column for Indianapolis Monthly, Paul describes how she responds to the annoying refrain of "What do you do?" now that she's no longer working full-time.

Retirement Leakage

Sometimes you've got to tap into your savings.

Where Do You Want To Live When You Retire

Canada is where Americans are retiring these days. Maybe it's the cheap drugs.

Life, And Doing Money, In The New Middle Age

What if this is part of our grand cultural delusion that we'll never get old, and that affects how we save or don't save for retirement?

Thursday Night Dancing

My parents weren't at the airport to meet me when I flew across the country to spend time with them during the holidays, nor were they at their house when I arrived and tried to figure out where I'd be sleeping (on an air mattress in a storage room).

Monday Check-in

And how were your weekends?

One Year Closer to the ‘R’ Word

April is the month of my birth, and I am amused every year by the corporations that have that date on file and send me notes. Some are just discount offers, like the pop-up card above sent to me by West Elm where I bought some sheets a few months ago.

But now, I’m getting to that age where some of these corporations remind me that I am getting one year closer to my death and they hope I’ve been preparing! Here is, for example, a note from Allstate, where I buy my renters insurance:

We did want to let you know though, that as you get older Life Insurance becomes more expensive. So, if you were planning on looking into a policy, it will be cheaper before your birthday.

How helpful! But I’m already covered under term insurance for now, thanks.

And here’s a special birthday message from my 401(k) provider:

Married LGBT Couples Must Consider Which States Recognize Their Marriage for Social Security

Nearly all of us have to sit down at some point and plan how we're going to fund our retirement. For married LGBT couples, the golden years might mean moving to a state where their marriage is legally recognized for Social Security purposes—and planning, in advance, for one of their deaths.

Considering Our Retirements

The Washington Post has a new-ish section focused on money, and most of it (as money sections tend to be) is currently focused on retirement. Their latest retirement column says that people who get advice on their 401(k) are generally better savers than people who don't.