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Our Litigious Society: Customer chooses to eat at restaurant famous for throwing rolls at customers; gets hit by a thrown roll; sues for $25,000.

The Doggy Bag Dilemma

I think there can be a curious public shame to asking a restaurant to box up your leftovers. The taboo is most acute on an occasion when the food is intended to be secondary to the conversation: when you go for lunch with a prospective client, or dinner with the cute guy you’re trying impress. The actual food is unimportant—sawdust, filet mignon—because you’re too busy listening to the precious words of your future employer. Dear new contact: you are so important, I will give up a chance to take home the extra pasta.

The Economics of My Hometown: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Restaurant work is smelly business. Not, however, as smelly as the most iconic of coastal Maine occupations, “lobsturin.”

Guess Who’s Paying For Dinner?

How Much Do You Spend on Eating Out Each Month?

I specifically used “eating out” rather than “at restaurants” because I’d like to include those times you pick up a bagel in the morning, or a sandwich during lunch.

Everybody in Life Makes Choices

Ice cream =/= smoothies.

Man Reveals All About Restaurant Industry

Everything I know about restaurants I learned from Jonas M. Luster’s Quora answers.

I Want to Buy Everything, But for Now: A Cone

In which I replace wanton credit-card spending with ice cream.