The High Cost of Renting in Los Angeles (and Nationwide)

Southern California Public Radio station 89.3 KPCC is doing a project on the "rent crunch" in Los Angeles.

What We Give Up to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Let's start with this: San Francisco was just named the second-most expensive place to rent by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, beating out New York City. Just pause and reread that sentence one more time—here, I'll help: beating out New York City. (Honolulu was No. 1.)

Pro: There’s a Place to Hang Clothes. Con: Everything Else

The staff at Tumblr linked to some of their favorite blogs of the moment, and one of them is called "THE WORST ROOM"—a blog about "trying to find affordable housing in New York City" but is really a blog about some of the saddest rooms for rent on the market for crazy amounts of money. One thousand dollars a month to live in someone's walk-in closet! Is there any air circulation? Who knows!? My stars.

How to Crash With Your Friends for Three Months Without Driving Them Crazy

How to not drive your generous friends crazy when they offer to let you live with them for a few months.

The Case of the Missing Padlock

Yesterday morning at 8 a.m. construction started in the apartment across the hall from us — the rent-stabilized one my landlord had successfully evicted an 18-year tenant from the week before, so that his son could move in (remains to be seen). And by construction I mean pulling up floors, knocking out cabinets, and general banging that was so loud and disruptive I couldn’t help but laugh as I complained about it.

A few minutes later I heard my landlord talking in the hall and then banging on our apartment door. At this point Dustin was in the shower and I was in bed eating oatmeal or something, in my pajamas. The night before I found a note he left on our door letting me know I forgot to include the agreed-upon $20 for our monthly gas payment in my rent. Whoops. I had no cash on me so I took down the note and planned to go to the ATM the next day. I’d also read a note he left on our building door saying that SOMEONE had stolen the padlock that he put on the door leading down to the basement. The basement he locks so that no one can go in the backyard. The basement where the circuit breakers are. The basement where we keep a bunch of our belongings because this was always totally acceptable until he put a padlock on the basement and gave the spare key to the elderly lady upstairs, in case we need to, say, escape in a fire or if she needs to let in National Grid to read the gas meters. So I knew he was showing up to either demand $20 or ask us if we knew where the padlock was — neither of which I really felt were worth putting pants and a bra on for. I froze in bed, spoon in midair, but didn’t get up. He banged again and instinctively I shouted, “What?!”

Where the Middle Class Can’t Afford a House

Atlantic Cities looks at the metro areas in the U.S. where homes are least affordable for middle class families (or families earning the median income in the area)—San Francisco being the worst, according to an analysis by real estate site Trulia. New York, of course, also makes it near the top of the list, but New York is a city of renters (and I imagine San Francisco is one too). Where is the housing stock most affordable for median earners? Cities in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan make the list, which you can see in full below.

What Percentage of Your Pay Do You Spend on Rent?

Jumping off from my previous WWYD column, I woke up this morning to find a bunch of messages on Twitter from some fine folks discussing what percentage of their income they spend on rent.

How I Negotiated My Rent in San Francisco

I called my brother and told him I was thinking about living alone. "Really?" he responded. "I mean, I would never want to live alone, but I guess some people like it."

One Way to Afford Living in an Expensive City: Live in an Abandoned Office

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, but if you're looking for some cheap rent, you could consider applying to become a "guardian" of an abandoned office building. Nicole Vloeimans, an NGO worker, pays $635 a month to live in one, according to The Wall Street Journal.

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back: Clean Your Filthy Apartment

Having evaluated the cleanliness of many an apartment and done the dirty work required to get it into shape for a new resident I know how to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

The People Behind the Microstudios

In Harvard Magazine, the architects who won New York City's "microstudio" competition explain how they came up with their concept.

Reader Mail: Why Don’t You Want to Buy A House?

I'm pretty sure I read in one of your articles or comments that you didn't plan on being a homeowner one day. I was wondering about why that might be. My parents try to be pretty practical when it comes to money and I've heard them say things about how rent is basically throwing away money and its better to have that money go towards a mortgage. Obviously it makes sense to rent while we're young, but I was just curious why someone who is really into spending wisely wouldn't want to own a home. Maybe I'm missing something? — S.S.