What $990 In Rent Gets You In Seattle

When you pay $990 in the 10th most expensive rental market in the country, you get a lot of good things—but you don’t get everything.

The Rent, Yes, Is Too Damn High, Etc.

Here’s something you’ve perhaps noticed on your own: rents have been getting crazy high!

Can We Make Renting Better?

Is there anything we can do as a society to make renting less onerous and stressful and expensive?

Gentrification Is Big Business

Some people flips houses; Goldman flips neighborhoods.

Brokers I Have Known

We found out where the closest laundromat was because after waiting half an hour, my roommate had to pee so badly that we went in a frantic search of the closest public restroom.

Places I’ve Lived: Monster House, Single-Women-Only Complex, & More

There was an infestation of squirrels in the home. Teeth marks still scarred the built-ins.

In Which I Learn That My Dream Apartment Might Be Affordable

This week, I saw a sign listing apartments for rent and the unit prices, and I realized that I could actually afford to live there.

The Hunt for a Place of My Own

“You have six months to find your own place,” my godmother, Kimmie, says.

WWYD: “I May Have Just Fallen For My 1st Scam”

A few days after I sent the application he “approved” me and asked me to wire $2700 — security deposit and first month’s rent — to his California bank account before I could receive the keys in the mail. He also drew up and signed a simple lease agreement for me to sign and return, but it lacked important details: i.e., it had the street address of the condo, but not the specific unit

I Tried to Watch Star Wars and This is What Happened

Turns out you can’t watch any of the Star Wars movies online — at least not until 2016, when Disney’s new deal with Netflix kicks in.