Rejecting Money

“We’re cash only,” he said, pointing us to the ATM in the back.

“HA HA!” I shouted, moving to slide off of my bar stool.

Crop Tops Cropped from College, Education = Reparations?, Academic Rejection vs Other Kinds

Just Two Ladies With Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Talking About Life

So we published a chat today between Jessica Gross and Merve Emre about the book Should You Go To Grad School, which is a thing we talk about all the time here on the site, perhaps because it is impossible to resolve. But it made me wonder: Did Ester go to grad school?

My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I’ve Had Since

I got paid $9 per hour plus commission. I also learned a series of lessons that have dogged me at every job I’ve had since. Some of these lessons have been very good. Others, I wish I hadn’t learned.


Mental Floss has a list of best-selling authors and their experiences with rejection. I remember being rejected from a paid internship I really wanted when I was a fresh-faced graduate. You get used to seeing rejections when you’re young and starting out, but this one particularly hurt because I had interviewed with four of the senior editors in the office, and had my hopes up. Years later, the same company contacted me and offered me a staff job, which I turned down because I was already happy with what I was doing. Rejection is not the end of the world, though it can feel like it at the time.