Rejecting Money

"We're cash only," he said, pointing us to the ATM in the back. "HA HA!" I shouted, moving to slide off of my bar stool.

My Career As a Telemarketer Has Affected Every Job I’ve Had Since

I got paid $9 per hour plus commission. I also learned a series of lessons that have dogged me at every job I’ve had since. Some of these lessons have been very good. Others, I wish I hadn’t learned.

Crop Tops Cropped from College, Education = Reparations?, Academic Rejection vs Other Kinds

+ UT-Austin signs tell women how to dress so as not to be distracting and, according to Jezebel, crop tops are out.

Here are the things you cannot wear, if you want to learn to be a nurse at the University of Texas:

Midriff-baring shirts Short-shorts Low-rise pants Low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage

My K-12 religious school had a dress code that prohibited all of these things and I still feel funny if I wear them. My mind has been warped forever on the issue of modesty, which means I can’t be trusted to know whether this is egregious. Dress codes! Always unfair, if they’re only targeted at women? Justified in a context that has something to do with God, or taxes, or death? Can we trust students at a certain age to know how to dress appropriately and/or to not get life-threateningly distracted by a glimpse of skin?

+ Uh oh. STEM magic doesn’t work as well for black folks.


Mental Floss has a list of best-selling authors and their experiences with rejection. I remember being rejected from a paid internship I really wanted when I was a fresh-faced graduate. You get used to seeing rejections when you're young and starting out, but this one particularly hurt because I had interviewed with four of the senior editors in the office, and had my hopes up. Years later, the same company contacted me and offered me a staff job, which I turned down because I was already happy with what I was doing. Rejection is not the end of the world, though it can feel like it at the time.

Just Two Ladies With Bachelor of Arts Degrees, Talking About Life

So we published a chat today between Jessica Gross and Merve Emre about the book Should You Go To Grad School, which is a thing we talk about all the time here on the site, perhaps because it is impossible to resolve. But it made me wonder: Did Ester go to grad school?