If You’re Doing Your Taxes at the Last Minute, You’re Not Alone

I was walking home from work the other day when I realized that it had finally happened. I had reached the day where I couldn’t reasonably put off doing my taxes any longer. That got me thinking, how many other jerks are in the same boat? So, in an almost perverse fit of procrastination, I started digging around online for somedata. Instead of, you know, firing up TurboTax.

Taking the Time to Go Back for That Dollar

Amanda, one of our readers, wrote in to tell us the following story of making the effort to get a small refund.

A Non-Grouchy Oscar Update!

LADY ON THE PHONE: Is this Ester? ME: Yes? Subtext: Unless you have anything stressful to tell me.

Joel Stein Made Some Money And Got Some Back

Joel Stein did his taxes four times (whatever, Mike Dang did his three), and shares what he made and what he paid: •$399,101 in income (money earned for doing stuff) •$19,073 in dividends (money paid out to shareholders) •$1,312 in capital gains (money from increase in value of something you own, like stock or property or whatever) •$11,902 in refunds (which must be money from state returns that he wrote off last year? This seems to be some complicated rich person thing) For a grand total of: $431,388 He paid $127,826 in taxes and got a refund $469. In related news, Joel Stein is a rich person.

My Last -$100 Bucks: Picking Up the Phone and Getting My Money Back

It's easier to spend $100 than to get $100. How did you get your last hundred dollars back, Rebecca Rindler?