The Way We Think About Debt

Mike: One of the things we examined this week was what debt means to us as individuals. What should we think about when paying it off? There is no one right answer, of course, because debt means something different to each of us. So let's talk about this. Logan, your debt is all consumer, right? You don't have any student loans.

What Do You Say to Friends Who Feel Stuck in Their Careers?

This week, we've decided to test out Branch, a new site that allows you to invite people to join you in conversations online. We're decided to try it out by using the topic of friends and disappointing careers, and after we started the conversation, a few people from the Branch community asked if they could join the conversation.

Interview Questions, Answered Honestly

"Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

How Heidi N. Moore Does Money

We all do money differently. How do you do money, Heidi N. Moore, Marketplace NYC bureau chief and Wall Street correspondent?

Would You Date a Man with a 24K Gold Shirt?

Here is a story about an Indian man who spent $22,500 on a solid gold shirt to get the attention of women.

Follow This Man!

Keeping it all in perspective.

The Hustle of a Cellist in New York

Peter Sachon is a professional cellist in New York City (he is also my cousin). We spoke recently about his money and his work

How Richard Rushfield Does Money

We all do money differently. How do you do money, Richard Rushfield?

Talking About Talking and Writing About Money, With Benjamin Anastas

Michael McGrath talks with author Benjamin Anastas about his new memoir.

Ask a Money-Challenged Person: To Bar Or Not To Bar?

Ask a money challenged person about your money challenges!

And Seriously, Keep Your Student I.D.

Everything moves faster in college. One semester you’re a reporter for the school paper and the next you’re the editor-in-chief! That doesn’t exactly happen in the real world. It’ll take some time to adapt to not being on a semester schedule, so don’t be despondent if you don’t get promoted after four months, or if you actually just suck at your first job. It’s okay.

—Our buddy Doree Shafrir’s list of advice for new graduates is pretty great (some of it involves doing smart things with money, which: DO THAT). This is my favorite though. Patience is just a great thing to have in general, but especially for your life. Just chill. Just because your first job out of school is at the mall doesn’t mean you’re going to be at the mall forever. Things take a minute to happen. Often many minutes. It’s frustrating! But also okay. You’re gonna be fine, kid (that’s for me, but I’m sure you’ll be fine, too).