Do You Need to Give a Full Two Week Notice When Quitting a Job?

How important is the two weeks notice?

That Feeling of Leaving One Job, and Starting Another

Richard Lawson is starting his new job as an entertainment columnist for Vanity Fair today, and he wrote a lovely piece on his blog about joining the workforce after college, about his first job in New York City working in sales for Broadway shows, and about the role our jobs have in helping form a part of our identities. Here he is talking about leaving that sales job and moving onto something new:

Would You Ever Quit Your Job With a Youtube Video? Y/N

Logan: Happy Friday, Mike. So three things happened in the world this week: The government shut down, Miley and Sinead got in a fight, and a woman quit her job with a YouTube video. I think that's it right? That's the gist of it. Anyway there are some lessons to be learned from all of these things (it's terrifying that 80 white dudes can shut down the government; don't read another word about Miley Cyrus ever), but I thought the one we could talk about is: Quitting your job via YouTube video. Have you watched it?

Watching the Kardashians and Working For Myself

I have a really embarrassing confession to make. Part of why I decided to go freelance last September has a lot to do with the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

A Tale of Two Quittings

My boyfriend and I quit our jobs for a 1982 Volkswagen camper van with a pop-up roof. No one quits without a reason. Maybe you’re more engaged picking blueberry muffin crumbs from between the keys of your keyboard than doing your actual job. Maybe your boss makes you feel like a eunuch. Everyone has their reasons, and ours was the van.

I Saw the “You Should Quit Your Job” Signs, So I Quit My Job

I recently quit my job after seeing the signs that the job I had was no longer for me. Here are the signs I saw, and how I ended up leaving.

Two Weeks Notice

All I had to do was quit my job and move on. But for whatever neurotic reason I had, the thought of asking for a meeting with my boss to tell him that I was leaving terrified me.

Our High Confidence in Our Economy is Not So High

According to a recent poll by the Gallup organization, Americans' perceptions of how our economy is doing right now, and whether we think the economy is getting better, has been been at its most positive since Gallup started tracking our economic confidence four years ago.

The Nightmare of Being a Virtual Assistant

For almost two and a half years I worked as a virtual assistant to consumer attorneys across the country. When I started the job I fielded calls in the evening, and by the end I was a go-to box of answers to my supervisors, the one who took the hard calls and worked business hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I never needed to Google what time it was in Fayetteville, Ark. or Riverside, Calif. I knew how to spell last names without asking. Some of my attorney clients asked how I was when I transferred their calls and told me about their weekends.

Giving Up a Six-Figure Salary for $60K and Sanity

Billy is a 37-year-old husband and father who decided to give up his job earning six figures when he was 33 to move to a small town and take a position that paid half as well. He says it was one of the best decisions he's ever made.

We ♥ Tess

Tess left Marketplace, her dream job, last summer after working there for 11 years. When I had first heard about that my reaction was, "OMG, WHY?" which was pretty much the reaction everyone was having. She recently gave a talk explaining her decision to leave, and why she's excited about moving on to the next thing, even though she's not sure what that next thing will be yet. It is really just terrific.