Chatting With The Establishment About Paying Writers and Funding a Women’s Media Company

I’m always curious about how media sites get their funding, how they pay their writers, and what constitutes “financial success,” so I reached out to The Establishment founders Kelley Calkins and Nikki Glaudeman.

Talking to Manjula Martin on the Life and Death of Scratch Magazine

“I don’t think anyone’s quite figured out the golden ticket for making financially sustainable digital publications, other than advertising.”

How an Assistant Editor in Pittsburgh Does Money

“I had planned to be an editor and went to school for an MA in English. I didn’t have any illusions about making any money in publishing; I was mostly concerned with being able to get a job, since it’s so competitive.”

What It Costs to DIY A First Book Tour

People take you seriously in the business world only when you take yourself seriously. By pouring my money and my life into this book tour, I was merely being my own best boss.

Every Job I’ve Had: Business Intelligence, Fancy Cranberry Sauce, and

I have heard there is a hidden job market. I have listened to countless stories of people getting jobs via friends or friends of friends. In the decade since my graduation from college, I have had virtually no first-hand experience with these phenomena. [byline]

I am a shy, introverted person, and I find it difficult to ask for favors. I’ve forced myself to do so on a few occasions, but I don’t think I’ve been very convincing. Although people have “put in a good word” and “passed along my resume” a few times, their generous acts have never resulted in a job or even so much as a freelance assignment.
So I look for posted jobs and apply to them. I have been lucky enough that this has worked a few times.

Rich Because Your Parents Are?

The current issue of Fence has an amazing introduction from Rebecca Wolff, the literary magazine and publishing house’s editor and creator. In “Publishing is Personal” (pdf, sorry!) Wolff talks about the power and influence that come with deciding what gets published, and how that privilege is or isn’t linked to her ‘outer resources.’

How to Lose a Publisher but Keep Your Advance

Jan Wong kept her advance from her publisher, and then published her book herself.