Follow the Money: Netflix and Its $100 Million ‘House of Cards’

The Netflix original series “House of Cards,” which is basically about what might happen if Richard III and Lady Macbeth were married and decided to take over Washington, DC, has been extremely successful. It cleaned up at the Golden Globes, where it dominated the competition, and, along with its sister show “Orange is the New Black,” which is arguably even more incisive and engrossing, has made Netflix the new HBO. But has it made any money?

The show’s two seasons cost $100 million to produce, which is technically if not legally insane, according to industry analysts. Can Netflix recoup that investment?

A Conversation About Power, Sex, and Money

A discussion: What is it that happens with money in relationships? I’ve seen it with my parents, with friends: with the exception of infidelity, no one thing has wrenched apart more couples than money, and the value judgments, petty arguments, and power struggles that come with it.