On Gentrification, Ambition, and Portland

I’m stuck on this comparison Copperman makes between the Portlanders who are trying to win games that are rigged against them, and the Portlanders who have chosen the city as a place to stay out of games they do not want to play.

Maybe Don’t Move To Portland Just Yet

“We’re talking about the death of the American Dream for more than one group of people.”

How Apartment Hunting Is Different From Shoes Shopping

What becomes immediately obvious, when you start apartment hunting, is that there are no apartments.

Food Cart Entrepreneurs, Maple Syrup Mafias, & More

“In my first two years of the food cart, people said that I’d reached the American dream. But I didn’t know what that was so I Googled it.”

“Just Quit”: How To Retire Early & What To Do Then

Americans’ biggest expenses are the ones to cut back on: housing, transportation, and food.

Mother’s Day Chat: Is This Holiday Weird Or The Weirdest?

I think Mother’s Day is *weird* and I don’t know how to celebrate it except as a daughter.

“Come On, Move In! It’ll Take You 5 Minutes!”

Choice quote: “This is a bathroom and a home office.” Very efficient.

Best Possible Use of a Vacant Lot?

Talking to a Millennial Homeowner

My friend Mo Hayes and her husband Jeff fall into this dual category of Millennials and homeowners. In fact, the two of them bought their home while Mo was still in college. What prompted them to join the 33.3 percent of Millennials who are homeowners? I asked Mo about her decision.

A Honeymoon Remembered in Receipts

A story in receipts.