‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’: A Portrait of Bourgeois Crisis

The film is ostensibly about finding the true spirit of the season amid a hellish, slapstick descent into suburban holiday dysfunction, but the film's "fun, old-fashioned Christmas" is remarkably steeped in wealth's economic markers, which I'll discuss in 2013 dollars.

Dick and Jane Both Work Hard, But Jane Pays the Bills

Financially, I knew what I was getting into when I moved in with him.

How Does a Made-Up Rate Hurt People I Don’t Understandddddd (Heidi N. Moore Explains)

If LIBOR makes your head hurt, this Marketplace report by hero and scholar Heidi N. Moore might make it hurt a little less (maybe). It’s a real-life example of a real-life town who lost real-life money because of a made-up rate!  You can read the transcript, but really you should just listen to it because it’s five minutes, there are pool sounds, and Heidi Moore’s voice will seep into your mind and make you understand all things (proven).