How Planned Parenthood Helped Save Me

The first time I walked into a Planned Parenthood, I was terrified. I was in my early twenties; I had very little money and no health insurance.

The “Give Everyone a Goalie” Kind of Sex Ed

The Cost of Being Exposed to HIV While Uninsured

To spoil the end before the beginning, this is a story about being exposed to HIV while not having health insurance, taking actions to prevent infection, and ending up successfully still HIV negative (several years and counting). Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) (taking a combination of anti-retrovirals (anti-HIV) medications as soon as you know you’ve been exposed to avoid being infected) works in many cases. It worked for me, and I am endlessly thankful that I had access to credit and adequate care to make it happen.

A Visit to the Abortion Clinic

Dispatches from a Visit to Planned Parenthood

People I Have Paid to Hurt Me

Pain doesn’t come cheap.

Behind the War on Women’s Health Care in Texas

Texas Monthly has a terrific and troubling story about the fight to fund women’s health care programs and defund Planned Parenthood in Texas, and by extension, nationwide.