The Cost of Being Exposed to HIV While Uninsured

To spoil the end before the beginning, this is a story about being exposed to HIV while not having health insurance, taking actions to prevent infection, and ending up successfully still HIV negative (several years and counting). Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) (taking a combination of anti-retrovirals (anti-HIV) medications as soon as you know you've been exposed to avoid being infected) works in many cases. It worked for me, and I am endlessly thankful that I had access to credit and adequate care to make it happen.

People I Have Paid to Hurt Me

Pain doesn't come cheap.

A Visit to the Abortion Clinic

Molly Crabapple writes about her abortion. It was the event that made her politics personal. It cost $400 at a Manhattan Planned Parenthood. The essay is brave and beautiful:

A visit to an abortion clinic is often a middle class girl’s only brush with the brusque, painful care that is the lot of America’s poor. The better funded go to private doctors. They get treatment that’s far more personal and less public. Proper pain killers, no protesters in sight, and your man holding your hand.

The ability to have an abortion is as important for women as the vote. It is the basis of fertile women living equal lives. As soon as I could, I raised a thousand dollars for Planned Parenthood. It felt like paying a debt.

Behind the War on Women’s Health Care in Texas

Texas Monthly has a terrific and troubling story about the fight to fund women's health care programs and defund Planned Parenthood in Texas, and by extension, nationwide.

Dispatches from a Visit to Planned Parenthood

Did u know that an exam at planned parenthood is NINETY BUCKS

This is dumb. Sex is dumb. Why does it have to cost $90?

I just thought planned parenthood was supposed to be like $5

Dollar menu sexual health