Today In Terrible Things To Spend Your Money On

Maybe do not start, invest in, or sign up for a company like Peeple that promises to commodify interpersonal relationships by being “Yelp for humans.”

The Cost of Things: A Trip to New Orleans That Ends in Fleas

$14.00: two beers after you open the windows in your room but before it is actually safe to be inside. The beer dulls the psychosomatic itching you’ve been feeling all day.

Cats vs Dogs: The Final Answer

Cats vs. Dogs: The Dollars and Sense Edition

Dog Wants iPad?

I don’t really have anything else to add to this, but just wanted to share the news that there are people who are willing to pay for iPad lessons for their dogs. [via]

My Dog Is My Greatest Luxury, In Life And In Death

Kenny Rogers the German Shepherd has a fibrosarcoma, a lump a bit smaller than a golf ball, on his snout. My dog has cancer. My big, handsome baby is dying. He has three to six months to live.

Rabies Made Me The Socialist I Am Today

I tried out universal healthcare and it worked great!!1

What My Dog Costs Me, What My Dog Saves Me

Last week I got an estimate from my vet on a “minor” surgical procedure for my nine-year-old pit bull, Zen. Actually, they gave me two estimates—one for the surgery, plus some “optional but recommended” bloodwork, and one for the surgery, “optional but recommended” bloodwork, and a dental cleaning while she’s under sedation. The latter “estimate” came to a cool $1,021.96, which got me thinking two things. One: I should get a second opinion, and maybe a new vet, and two: Just what is the value of my dog? How much do I spend on her and what is she worth to me?

William Goes Shopping for a Cat

It’s important to know exactly what you want before making any major purchase.

Things to Do with Dogs When They’re Dead

Yes you can mummify your dog.